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Shipping & Returns

This question can arise despite your best efforts to clearly display estimated shipping windows, which is why it’s so important to make shipment tracking available as early as possible.

Orders with gold jewellery received after 9:00 am and on weekends are processed only on the next working day!

Orders received before 13:00 with payment on delivery are processed on the same working day.

Once a package is en route to your customer, influencing the shipping experience is mostly out of your hands, which is why insurance—designed to handle unforeseen issues like lost or delayed shipments—can be a good addition to your packages in some cases.

Customers who want to gift your products will often look for that little something extra to set their purchase apart, whether that means gift wrapping or a simple gift receipt. While offering gift options can cost time and money, you’ll be able to successfully sell to holiday shoppers in need of extras like gift wrapping—which, if complimentary, can incentivize to buy without an additional discount.

hipping internationally can open your business up to new markets, but it requires an understanding of customs and related taxes in each country where you’ll sell.

Here you can place an explanation or answer to the question.

Actual delivery timelines might vary subject to reasons beyond our control and we will ensure that we inform you as soon we can in case of any such delays.

Company questions

It is in this spirit that we are proud to offer a no questions asked 100% MONEY-BACK return policy for 30 days from the time you have received an item from us. Again, we want you to be completely satisfied with your shopping experience at the Antique Jewelry Mall.

Our diamonds are sourced from respected suppliers and diamond producers who share our values, and who are NOT directly involved in funding conflict.

We have a zero tolerance policy for conflict diamonds and all of our ethically sourced diamonds are in compliance with United States trade law and United Nations resolutions.

We welcome inquiries from thoughtful consumers who have heard about conflict diamonds and who have ethical considerations about purchasing a diamond.

We do not have a retail store location, and our jewelry designs are not sold in jewelry stores - we are firmly opposed to the usual commission-based, high sales pressure jewelry store environment.

Official Address : 7500 Bellaire Boulevard, 525, Houston Texas 77036, United States

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